Rafaelito paints Cortezuma

This performance piece was part of “A Night of Puppets” at Alter Space Gallery in San Francisco, CA in 2013

what do you do with a gift?

what do you do with a gift?

A friend gave me a stick puppet- she bought it because it looks just like me, and she called it ‘Rafaelito’. Eventually, I turned Rafaelito into a string puppet- I gave it arms and legs and strings and dressed it up too.

Rafaelito gets a body

Rafaelito gets a body    

IMG_9613Oddly enough, when I had made crown/helmets more than 10 years ago, I also made one small crown. Of course it fits Rafaelito perfectly.


Invited into an exhibition about puppets, I decided I’d re-examine the concept of painting as a performance. In this piece, Cortezuma sat for a portrait done by Rafaelito.


I decided to record this performance on View Master reels.  Here are some of the images:


What is it about miniature versions of things that draw us in? I suppose we are also drawn in by oversized versions of things, but perhaps in a different way. It seems that miniature versions of things make us want to care for them, while large versions make us, what, hungry?