The Something

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    No one knows what The Something is, completely. It only exists as an accumulation of multiple perspectives based on multiple participants. We as facilitators merely create a platform for this piece to be co-created by everyone who shows up.


    We bring musical instruments, noise making objects, closed circuit video recorders and projectors,costume elements, various wall coverings, modular objects and electronics equipment together.Multiple entry points create multiple types of participation. We have found that this is a successfulinvitation to something unique each time- something beyond what any of us could imagine.

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    The Something is a messy conglomeration of possibilities for exploration and observation. Co-creators / visitors begin tentatively plunking a string, picking up a fabric, holding a video camera. Eventually, the dynamics of this piece coalesce into moments of co-created sublime harmony, dissolve back into chaos, and re-emerge once again. Being present for these moments hints at what being an artist is, and rarely do we all get to be a part of something that goes beyond the simplistic relationship of artist and medium. Definitions of community are possible as the individual contribution dissolves into the larger streams of sound, projected light, and costumed movement.  The safety of anonymous participation brings out the initial exploring of the provided materials, but the desire to create harmonies drives sustained participation.




    The Something is an invitation to play. Preschoolers have this every day in school as they move through the dress-up area, pick up a musical instrument, then stop to examine the dance of a rainbow projecting through a prism on a wall. Before long, they are involved in saving a pretend kitten in distress, or trying to keep the ‘puppies’ from running through the play kitchen. We have so much to learn- so much to remember- about our inter-dependence, and the power of play to unlock our potential not just as individuals, but as individuals making up the larger organism that is also our nature. This might save this world.


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