here are images from various projects- for text and information, click on Raphael Noz above, then the pictured posts below.  NOTE- some performances, such as “Raphaelito paints Cortezuma”, “Works on Paper”, can be found by clicking on the “older posts” button below all the pictures on the first page.

Installación / deInstallación

Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA, 2014

being Cortezuma’s attempt to install his own show, – it took four hours- slow enough for the time-lapsed camera to capture it.  The deInstallación was the same but in reverse.  This piece only exists as the fragmented video found on the main page of my website; click on the picture that looks like one seen here below.

IMG_2118  IMG_2119

Double Portrait

CA College of the Arts, San Diego Museum of Art, Chinatown LA, Alter Space Gallery San Francisco, and ….

2009 –

being Cortezuma’s attempt to paint the portraits of Hernan Cortes, and Moctezuma, simultaneously, and for the rest of my life. I’m working on these same two paintings intermittently, as a performance, and have done so four times so far. The paintings are kept in the two red velvet covers seen below, and are only presented, but never ‘shown’.

IMG_2593  IMG_9906  IMG_2618  Double Portrait  IMG_2821  IMG_1802 IMG_1804


Self Portrait Birthday Cake 

“Dream Play” at WorkSpace LTD, San Francisco, CA 2010

Cortezuma paints a self-portrait on a cake, then  serves it to assembled guests

IMG_1310 IMG_1301  IMG_1317

Raphaelito  (the puppet) paints Cortezuma

“A Night of Puppets”, Alter Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2013

Cortezuma sits for a portrait by Raphaelito, a puppet in his likeness. Cortezuma controls the hand of the puppet, but the puppet paints the picture.

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 5.44.47 PM  IMG_9761  IMG_9754 IMG_9752  IMG_9748

We are All Artists

Cortezuma turns a lecture hall of the faithful into a church by leading an offertory hymn, taking up a collection (of $8.64), overdrawing the bank account, returning a check to each student upon graduation 2 years later.

IMG_1478  Performance I did while at CCA for my Masters Degree

Works on Paper

“Rock Paper Scissors” at Coagula Gallery, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA 2013

At the invitation of the curator, Cortezuma sends ‘works’ on paper, with instructions for Director’s performance at the opening. Directions asked for works to be mounted on wall, length of installation to be ‘measured’, then recorded at top of  letter. The ‘works on paper’ are a collection of: a homeless man’s sign; a page of stock certificates from a Mexican water company, a deed to a condominium, a scratch sheet of paper used to test water colors, a letter from Gallery Michael Zwirmer.

Works on Paper  IMG_4063 IMG_4081_2 IMG_4072  IMG_4075 IMG_4074 IMG_4077IMG_4079 IMG_4085


The following are paintings that document performances, as there was no recording device other than myself present.  These are ex-votos, or miracle paintings, common in 19th century Mexico.

selling a Felix Gonzalez-Torres poster to my mother

visiting New York.

walking in Downtown Los Angeles, in the footsteps of my grandmother and me, 30 years later

Ex Voto Oaxaca Downtown LA St Vincents

Piss Bricks

Security forces at a local MFA school trash Cortezuma’s consecrated /desecrated sculpture of adobe bricks, only to have them saved and returned by two student friends to Cortezuma’s studio

Ex voto bricks corrected