View Masters

the images here are single image copies of 3D images . They are made to fit in View Master viewers, and viewed in 3D.

A View Master viewer looks like this…IMG_1446

…and is viewed like this  IMG_2951


documenting a levitation performance

IMG_9886 IMG_9881  IMG_9884 IMG_9889 IMG_9892



Cortezuma works on his thesis, approximately 500 years too early and too late

IMG_9718 IMG_9719 IMG_9897 IMG_9896



 images from The Something at Renoir Hotel

IMG_9699 IMG_9696 IMG_1544 IMG_1542 IMG_1533 IMG_9700



Studio still lives

IMG_9720 IMG_9721 IMG_9723 IMG_9726 IMG_9722