Social Practice

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Power to the People Patio Show  –    

yerba buena center for the arts, san francisco, ca   2014

being an exploration of YBCA and its relation to its visitors, as expressed in the built environment of the institution.

MVI_1967  IMG_3301  IMG_1867

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yerba buena center for the arts, san francisco, ca  2014

expanding the concept of performance to include the presence of the visitor as performer

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The Something  

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4 The Something

No one knows what The Something is, completely. It only exists as an accumulation of multiple perspectives based on multiple participants. We as facilitators merely create a platform for this piece by offering musical instruments, noise making objects, closed circuit video recorders and projectors, costume elements, various wall coverings, modular objects and electronics equipment. Multiple entry points create multiple types of participation. We have found that this is a successful invitation to something unique each time- something beyond what any of us could imagine.

The Something at The Renoir Hotel, at the  invitation of The Luggage Store Gallery  2012

IMG_0126 IMG_0127 0518122053b IMG_0197 0518122148e


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At Will Brown Gallery  2013



At Alter Space Gallery- Jail Cell Residency 2013

something.nov.13.16 SOMETHING.NOV.13.7 SOMETHING.NOV.13.12.CK


At The Possible, Berkeley Art Museum, 2014


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